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PrimeAlpha brings together investors and investment opportunities

Allocators / Investors (LP)

Institutional to Ultra High Net Worth Investors



Large Institutions

E&F, Pensions, SWF


225 Family Offices

Alternative Investment Opportunities / Managers (GP)

Hedge Fund, Private Equity & Credit, Real Estate, & Direct Deals 



25% Non-US Based


Over $1bn


As of Apr 14, 2019

An investment platform designed for efficiency & engagement

“Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today”  -- Benjamin Franklin

For every day you are not building your pipeline you are decreasing your chances of getting an allocation as its a numbers game.

Planning your Marketing Pipeline

Don't forget the simple but important things that need to be done in the investment process.

Guidelines for investors and fund managers.

How to Conduct Reference Checks

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  -- Abraham Lincoln

Being prepared and practicing will pay off tremendously.  Keep things simple. Can you explain your firm and fund in the follow ways.

Preparing your Pitch

Only attend if the event is relevant and the audience is right for your fund.

Conferences are a great way to network and build relationships but they tend to be very expensive and time consuming

How to get the most out of Conferences

For Fund Managers
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“We are really excited to be on the Prime Alpha platform. We reached out to a few allocators after signing up and got responses  from them all within the same day. It seems to have an active and credible user base and we look forward to taking advantage of the full potential of the platform."
“Prime Alpha has been a great tool for our fundraising needs because while we see the entire LP universe on the platform, it’s easy to focus on specific types.  For us, that has been family offices which are abundant and diverse (in location and background) on Prime Alpha.”
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For Investors
"The platform is really valuable in discovering niche managers. The search function makes it easy to navigate the platform and access full fund profiles with data rooms.  We use the site to find and track funds and share information between our investment team" -- Allocator
Standardized single destination for qualitative and quantitative information

About PrimeAlpha

Investment Thought Leadership
Insights from our leading Alternatives Investment Managers
"Our Thought Leadership collaboration with PrimeAlpha stimulated brand awareness and generated quality leads which directly led to successfully raising capital with a multi-billion dollar SFO.  Highly efficient and effective in canvasing the interest of thousands of investors."

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