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Discover Niche & Differentiated Opportunities

"We help investors discover differentiated alternative investment opportunities and forge those connections. We speak with over 500 funds per year to bring you the most current and interesting opportunities.

Search and discover unique opportunities through our free database.

Alternative Investment Opportunities 

Discover, Research, Directly Source

The alternatives investment industry is needlessly and notoriously opaque.


PrimeAlpha database provides transparency, actionable data, and quantitative and qualitative profiles of opportunties.

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Transparent & Efficiently Managed

Organized and up-to-date summaries and data rooms.

Communicate with managers efficiently by sharing investment information in secure private deal rooms.


Qualitative & Quantitative

Access both of the two primary components of due diligence all in one platform.

All data and manager information is standardized to enable investors to easily identify specific information and compare data.

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Exclusive Thought Leadership Content

Gain insights from the industry’s leading managers with PrimeAlpha’s exclusive thought leadership pieces, videos, and podcasts.


Investment Opportunities

Utilize private deal rooms to share deal information with other investors.

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Private Networking

Coming back 2022

Discover new investment opportunities and network with the industry’s best at free roundtable dinners.

"PrimeAlpha has truly democratized the process with our non-baised platform.

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