for New Managers and Members

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Thank you for being a part of the PrimeAlpha platform.


let’s create your company and fund on PrimeAlpha
Please send us the latest documents if applicable & let’s take care of some administrative items:
  • Marketing presentation
  • DDQ/PPM 
  • Latest monthly fact sheet
  • Latest quarterly letters
  • Attach monthly net returns since inception in excel
  • Any videos or podcasts you would like uploaded to PrimeAlpha
  • Put us on your distribution and we will update your monthly letter and net returns and AUM
  • Which team members to create on your profile (email address, name, and title) and who will be admins on the account
Creating Your Fund Profile
Managing Your Fund Profile Once Completed
You will be able to:
  • Make edits to your profile
  • Add files to your data room
  • Add video and podcasts
  • Manage access to your fund profile - you will receive a weekly email when investors request access for your to review and approve


for members for CapIntroLite, we need a short intro text
Investors are inundated with information, so how do we highlight your fund in a way investors can digest quickly and react quickly to opportunities of interest - PrimeAlpha CapIntroLite.
Over the course of 4x a year, we will highlight your opportunity to ~20,000 investors.  
Need a 50-75 word description of your firm/fund that is engaging, highly dense, informative, and punchy.


for members, let’s review your intro email for investor introductions
Let’s set up 30 minutes to reflect on your communication and strategy and or any additional attachments to the emailer.


for members, are there research projects we can do for you?
Take advantage of our research team 2x a year. Some examples of how we helped our members:
  • Are you going to a conference and want to do some preliminary outreach to investors?
  • Is there a conference you can’t attend but interested in the investors who attend?
  • Do you need a marketing presentation or other marketing collateral review?
  • Do you want to review your website?
  • Increase the probably of your outreach emails?
  • Linkedin approach? Want to increase your network?


for members, access our best practices and members-only research projects
  • Access our members-only investors’ research data.
    • For example, we recently created a 700 investor leads list for our members.
  • Access our best practices webinars.  Is there a topic you would like us to produce for you?


for members, access our active investor database
1600 investor names/800 investor firms


for members, access our premium services
PrimeAlpha has developed and tested our services offerings.  We stick to what we do best.

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