Are You Optimizing Your Network?

During these times, people have had to rethink how to engage with people in a personal way. We are not attending conferences, nor are we traveling. So how are we going to engage in a personal way? It’s time to reconnect with purpose, and here is how we are doing it.

Your network on LinkedIn is a virtual goldmine. Do you have the time to mine it?

Reconnect to Optimize Your Network

Your network on LinkedIn is a virtual goldmine of connectivity that you probably are not mining. You can turn your intangible list into a tangible tool.

1. Review Your List – Do you really know who you are connected to?

2. Reconnect – Especially now, it is important to reach out to your contacts in a meaningful way that can re-engage the conversation.

3. What is the tone of your message? Peak interest using soft messaging and get reconnected.

4. Follow Up – Continue the conversation with the intention to build-on your soft messaging and raise awareness and engagement.

What Not To Do

Don’t let robots do the work for you. Keep your message in mind and your goal in sight – high touch and personalized to reinforce meaningful connections. Investors can spot a Bot! Don’t risk losing the high touch factor. Besides, you will also risk getting kicked off of LinkedIn because this goes against their user agreement.

Rediscovering your contacts on LinkedIn is a good strategy. There are several high-touch optimization and expansion channels available. If they are implemented & executed in the right way you should expect a high ROI.

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