Why PR Matters in Alternatives with Charlotte Luer at LJHFM

Charlotte Luer has 25 years in financial marketing and PR, branding strategy and consulting, including educational and thought leadership roles and expansive, ongoing marketing campaigns for emerging managers, multi-billion-dollar hedge funds, private equity funds, trust companies, asset management firms, public companies, banks, and family offices.

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“Manager needs are different at every stage in the life of a fund. I work with emerging managers and with multi-billion dollar funds and while a lot of the strategies and tactics are the same, the reasons for doing those may be different.

In the beginning, an emerging manager may need help just getting exposure, it's difficult enough to raise assets. When a prospective investor goes to look you up, which everyone of course does, when they see that you've been on CNBC or quoted in the Wall Street Journal, or have some compelling thought leadership content, that helps validate your area of expertise.”

Charlotte Luer, Founder & CEO