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About Us

An integrated platform to present your investment strategies and skills to an exclusive network of accredited investors.

Discover PrimeAlpha

Trusted, transparent, and efficient

Underatanding the personas, the nuances of building connections, and the motivations. We leverage this deep understanding to provide thoughtful and real solutions.

Deep Understanding of Alternatives

Our expansive and actionable database of users contains a large number of quality allocators and managers, sponsors, and companies.

Quality User Base

Designed to help scale your company, our additive solutions make your marketing and due diligence processes more efficient.

Work Smarter and Better

Personalized programs to help you grow or address pain points. 

Bespoke Service
Our Story

PrimeAlpha is the destination site for alternative investment opportunities and their investors. We generate connections and help investors discover differentiated opportunities. Founded in 2015, PrimeAlpha was developed by industry practitioners as a cutting-edge technology platform to help managers and investors discover and network. PrimeAlpha was born from the pain points faced by both managers and allocators in the investment life-cycle and investor relations. Today, PrimeAlpha optimizes ROI-driven solutions emphasizing engagement and efficiency through a technology-enabled yet high-touch platform and consultancy practice.

Our Guiding Principles

Foster Engagement

Revolutionize how LPs and GPs interact through curated content, insightful thought leadership, and comprehensive managers and investor directories.

Bringing Efficiency

Transforming manager-investor interaction through scalable technology.


Delivering outstanding bespoke services to maximize our clients’ ROI.


Understanding the psychology of business and investment decisions in the alternatives industry.


Manager, Private Debt, Based in Denver, $1.0BB AUM

Thought Leadership & Branded Email Campaign

"Our Thought Leadership collaboration with PrimeAlpha stimulated brand awareness and generated quality leads which directly led to successfully raising capital with a multi-billion dollar SFO. Highly efficient and effective in canvasing the interest of thousands of investors."


Manager, Hedge Fund, Based in Pennsylvania $100MM AUM

Bespoke Services

"Amanda and her team are high energy, creative, and genuinely interested in helping her clients grow their firms. The team is driven to deliver results worth far more than the cost, so PrimeAlpha provides excellent value by providing introductions and connections to their growing investor base."


​Manager, Hedge Fund, New Launch, Based in New York $50MM AUM

Bespoke Services

​"PrimeAlpha has allowed us to engage our investors and prospects in a way that delivers a truly differentiated message. The video and podcast content we have created and distributed on the PrimeAlpha site brings our story to life. Investors have taken notice and engaged with us in a much more productive dialogue about an allocation to our fund. It’s the best ROI I can think of when it comes to marketing our fund."


Manager, Hedge Fund, Based in New York, $70MM AUM

Database and Directory

“We are really excited to be on the Prime Alpha platform. We reached out to a few allocators after signing up and got responses from them all within the same day. It seems to have an active and credible user base and we look forward to taking advantage of the full potential of the platform."


Manager, Private Debt, Based in Florida $550MM AUM

Database and Directory

“PrimeAlpha has been a great tool for our fundraising needs because while we see the entire LP universe on the platform, it’s easy to focus on specific types. For us, that has been family offices which are abundant and diverse (in location and background) on PrimeAlpha.”


Fund of Funds

Database and Directory

“When I first learned about PrimeAlpha I was initially skeptical on whether or not the capintro service was uniquely differentiated from others I’ve come across in the past. It’s been almost three months since I started using the platform and I can say without question that it was worth every penny. What makes PrimeAlpha different is that each fund and investor on the platform has been carefully curated by the PrimeAlpha team. Unlike other companies, PrimeAlpha does not randomly assemble large lists of unknown and unqualified investors or managers. I know that when I am introduced to an investor it is because they have a genuine interest in learning more about my firm because PrimeAlpha has done the front-end leg work for me. So far, I have been very pleased with my decision to join the platform.”


​Investor, Based in New York $1.7BB AUM

Database and Directory

​"The platform is really valuable in discovering niche managers. The search function makes it easy to navigate the platform and access full fund profiles with data rooms. We use the site to find and track funds and share information between our investment team."


Manager, Hedge Fund, Based in Connecticut $30MM AUM

Roundtable Pitch Dinner

“It was a great event because rather than try to sell our fund, we got to simply talk about a good investment idea and show how we think about and approach our investments. The format gave the audience a deeper, more insightful view into what we do.”


Manager, Hedge Fund, Based in New York $50MM AUM

Roundtable Pitch Dinner

"PrimeAlpha is not only a terrific technology platform for us, but Amanda and her team are true partners. This month's roundtable offered a great forum for managers, to discuss specialty strategies with a relevant and engaging audience."


Investor, SFO, Based in New York $1BB AUM

Roundtable Pitch Dinner

“A thoughtfully curated gathering of folks interested in real estate investing, allowing for open, candid and transparent exchanging of views and investment opportunities….. you will want this invitation.”

What People Are Saying

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