Following the Science with Robert Zuccaro at Golden Eagle

Robert Zuccaro is the Founder & CIO of Golden Eagle Strategies, who manages a strategy predicated on statistical analysis and principles derived from 40+ years of research. He is a quant pioneer driven by a never-ending pursuit to identify the common threads of top-performing stocks in pursuit of superior performance.

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"It's taken me 20 years to learn half of what I read and half of what I hear. It's taken me another 20 years to figure out which half was actually helpful information. So basically you need to do your homework. You need to be very conscious of traditional thinking. Traditional thinking doesn't always work.

Don't rely on opinions. Rely upon statistical evidence and then maybe you'll have a chance at being a successful investor.

Follow the science. You will be far better off than listening to anybody else. If anybody has an opinion and they're telling you what to do, if it's really good, they're not going to tell you in the first place, they're going to keep it to themselves."

Brynne Zuccaro, Global Head of Marketing

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Golden Eagle Strategies is an alternative investment manager, that invests in 25 of the world’s fastest-growing companies. Their systematic process of stock selection is built on 40+ years of quantitative research. They have developed new insights that run counter-intuitive to investor thinking. They ignore P/E, commentary on earnings surprises, and Wall Street recommendations in-stock selection. Instead, their process centers around high profits growth and new high stock price patterns because their research demonstrates these metrics are key to determining forward stock price direction. By stacking probabilities to their advantage, they position their portfolio for outsized long-term appreciation.