Jumping into DeFi and Crypto with David Mickelson at CkSum Capital

David Mickelson is the founder of CkSum Capital, a cutting-edge cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi) hedge fund. He shares his journey from founding CKSum Capital after a comfortable retirement, Join us as we speak with Mr. Mickelson, a successful fund manager, and estate planner, who sold his financial services firm Mickelson Capital Consulting prior to founding CkSum Capital.

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“It turns out that Puerto Rico is the epicenter of the world for crypto entrepreneurs and the people there are going to change the world and not only the money to be made, but the changes that will occur in the overall financial sector are remarkable.

And I caught the bug and started investing in cryptocurrencies, of course, I did very well because of the markets and realized I needed to come out of retirement. I needed to be able to explain to my thousands of colleagues and friends and former clients that if they don't jump on the bus, they're going to be left in the dust.

If you're a younger person, it's probably a lot easier to have access and knowledge and people to set up your own accounts and do your own training. But the generation I'm from, let's call it the 40 to 70 year olds, these people, and I'm one of them, are not really up to speed on how to set up accounts and how to pick tokens.

A lot of people have never heard of the word decentralized finance and what that means, but it's going to be the most important financial change that will take place in this generation. I just got the bug to lead the charge and inform people and make it available to the public that will listen to the message.”

David Mickelson, Managing Director

305 - 744 - 5240