Passion for Teaching and Cultivating Startups as a Driving Force with Kim King at Launch Factory

Kim King is the general partner of Launch Factory, a venture capital and growth startup studio. Launch Factory, built in 2018, provides investors proprietary deal flow, deploying capital into early-stage startups at significantly below-market valuations and maximizing returns through hands-on, expert-led acceleration of each portfolio company.

"We create companies! We spend time looking at market needs, investigating, and doing due diligence and homework to decide what areas we want to play in. Once we have selected those ideas, we go out and have a founder selection process, and it's pretty interesting since it's run kind of like a competition.

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I started at Stanford studying industrial engineering and decided to go into the world of consulting, but I always knew I wanted to go to business school and ended up at Harvard Business School.

I began my investing career at BankAmerica Ventures and at IDG ventures and found out two things. I love startups, an