Risk vs Reward Trade Off with Danny Dayan at DWD Partners

Danny began his career as a risk management consultant and advised clients on best practices for risk management of equity exotic option trades and portfolios. He then completed his Masters of Business Administration at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, with dual concentrations in Analytic Finance and Economics. After he completed his MBA, Danny joined Credit Suisse, where he advised institutional hedge fund clients across Rates & FX cash and derivatives markets. With his expertise and knowledge of the rates markets, Danny discovered a new client base with large equity-focused hedge funds that wanted exposure to the rates markets.

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Establishing his credibility as a derivatives expert, in FX, Rates, and Equities, Danny became Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of $150MM NYC-based Global Macro hedge Fund, developing his cross-asset global macro derivatives strategy while also responsible for the firm’s risk management. Danny is a CFA Charterholder.

“The biggest challenge is just how erratic the markets have been dealing with the post COVID world, the markets have been quite erratic in some cases, even dysfunctional.

I think that we've acknowledged that the world is still quite uncertain and that the markets are moving in unprecedented ways and we’re reacting in unprecedented ways to the environment we're in. So, we've had to pivot and be a little bit more short-term than we would like, but we don't want to be that way for long. We want to be able to focus as well on our longer-term ideas.

I realized that the longer-term ideas are harder to come by, but they offer far better risk versus reward trade-off. And so when you do find these longer-term ideas, they're very attractive and appealing to have.”

Danny Dayan, Managing Director



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