Succeeding in Real Estate, The Big Lessons Learned with Alex Anderson at Time Equities

Alex Anderson is the Director of Time Equities' Equity Division. who oversees the sales distribution of Time Equities Securities’ investment funds through the Broker-Dealer advisory community. He also has extensive experience in sourcing and analyzing new acquisitions. Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Vermont and is a licensed real estate broker in the State of New York.

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“A lot of people out there have the misconception that the only way that you are in the real estate business is if you have money, and then you have access. But really it's about if you know how to raise money and if you know how to interact and engage investors.

When you are the investor in every single deal, which we are significantly... and in many cases we have more money in the deal than the actual investors do, which is a very rare dynamic to find in a real estate company. If you go back 10,15, 20 years ago, you had real estate companies that were buying real estate. What I’ve noticed since I started here, the syndication model has really blown up. Now, anyone could go out and get financing. You have the crowdfunding wave that has taken over, in some instances, the ability and access for people to invest. The problem is that you have all these individuals that are buying all these deals and there's so much competition and so much investor capital going after all these deals, but if you look down at the sponsorship of many of these individuals, they're barely even putting in any money alongside the investor.”