Operating Due Diligence "ODD" in the Virtual World and Onward

Business as usual is not a term heard lately. In fact, it is anything but usual. Everyone is working hard to find new ways to accomplish once simple tasks, such as traveling for a face to face Operational Due Diligence meeting or looking under the hood of a potential investment opportunity.

Saving time, saving money, and getting necessary research accomplished is the goal. How do you plan to change your process?

Navigating our new reality has brought on a lot of change, and much of it can make us better. The traditional ODD process was often an onsite, in-person meeting. It was a long process involving budgeted travel, scheduled meetings, and writing detailed reports. After months of planning and visiting, the investor often lost interest or moved on. Maybe an investor's budget allowed only for 5 or 6 meetings a year, and with all of the time and money spent, how much of that turned into an investment?

Virtual ODD allows investors to do a deeper dive into more opportunities, as it saves on travel budgets and time. This is one of those times when "Change is Good."

Streamline your Due Diligence process and make it easy for your future investor to find you and make an investment in you. Make your ODD virtual. Provide your investors with the systems and tools needed for an ODD in a video series.

Some perks of going virtual.
  • Tell your story. Control your narrative.

  • 24/7 access. Your investor can watch multiple times at their leisure.

  • Data delivered. No schedules, just click and watch.

  • Zero in on what people are interested in. Easily gauge investor probability.

  • Extend your reach. Scale your due diligence process.

  • Excellent ROI. Save time and money.

Some samples of videos are:

  • The Firm

  • The Fund & Strategy

  • Investment Process

  • Risk Management

  • Operations

  • The Team

  • Case Studies

Take charge of your process, reach more investors, and close investments faster.

Not only will you streamline the ODD process, but you will also have the necessary tools in place digitally to expedite the next steps of the investment process.

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