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"Our goal is not a wholesale change in process, but a material increase in efficiency."

PrimeAlpha is the destination site for alternative investment opportunities and their investors. We generate connections and help investors discover differentiated opportunities.

Founded in 2015, PrimeAlpha was developed by industry practitioners as a cutting-edge technology platform to help managers and investors discover and network. Like many great solutions, PrimeAlpha was born from the pain points faced by both managers and allocators in the investment life-cycle and marketing and IR process. Today, PrimeAlpha optimizes ROI-driven solutions emphasizing engagement and efficiency through a technology-enabled yet high-touch platform.


PrimeAlpha strives to make connections between fund managers and investors easier, smarter, and more efficient. Understanding the importance of both digitization and personal connections, PrimeAlpha’s trusted platform has built a private ecosystem of quality alternative investment opportunities and active investors.


  • Bringing transparency to the needlessly opaque alternatives investment universe.

  • Driving connections through a holistic change to how investment opportunities and investors interact.

  • Expanding the reach of alternatives through content, thought leadership, events, education, and fund profiles.


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Bringing efficiency

Transforming manager-investor interaction through scalable technology.

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Delivering outstanding bespoke services to maximize our clients’ ROI.

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Understanding the psychology of business and investment decisions in the alternatives industry.

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