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Doing Well by Doing Good with Heidi Wheatley of Keystone National Properties

Heidi Wheatley is the Chief Operating Officer of Keystone National Properties, a real estate firm providing tax-advantaged and impact real estate investment opportunities for accredited investors while making a positive difference. Their Hallmark is “doing well by doing good.”

“I found my way into financial services with a broker-dealer. That's where I met Mike Packman, who is our CEO. Years later we reconnected and learning about Keystone from Mike, his vision for the company, and knowing who he is, helped me decide to join the team. I love being a part of Keystone’s exciting growth. I like the strategy, the day-to-day running of the business, and managing a team. Mike is exceptional at capital raising, building relationships, and identifying opportunities, so it all works really well. I like to champion people and their abilities, and help them grow so that they feel rewarded and valued. The journey to Keystone was a long path, but worthwhile. I've finally found what I've been looking for.

We launched our 1031 DST business to potentially help clients with capital preservation, generate predictable income, and, most importantly, defer capital gains tax. 1031 real estate exchanges have long been part of the tax code, providing real estate investors with an opportunity to sell profitable investment assets and defer paying capital gains tax by purchasing a like-kind property. With this type of exchange, clients can buy rental houses, condominiums, shopping centers, or warehouses while still deferring their capital gains and maintaining their real estate portfolio allocation. The main difference between a 1031 exchange and a DST is that the investor takes the proceeds from their 1031 exchange sale and invests it into a DST; moving from an active property manager to a passive one. The property is professionally managed, so the investor doesn’t have to worry about the day-to-day hassles that come with active property management.”

Keystone National Properties Logo

Heidi Wheatley, Chief Operating Officer

Keystone specializes in the sponsorship of tax-advantaged and impact real estate investment opportunities for accredited investors and Family Offices. Founded in 2016 by Mike Packman, Keystone’s team is passionate about delivering value, the strategic growth of the firm, and positively impacting the world. The firm’s founding philosophy is “Doing well by doing good.”

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