Is Your Marketing Presentation Up to the Task? First Impressions Do Matter

On PrimeAlpha we have over 1000+ amazing funds on the platform. However, the array of marketing presentations varies greatly. This is usually the first thing that investors see so make it count.

Some of the biggest mistakes we see being made:

  • The message is not clear – “I still have no clue what they do, and I am on page 10

  • Does not tell a story

  • Too much information - “Why should I take a meeting if I got it all from the presentation

  • Over complicated and hard to understand

You have been staring at the presentation for days and weeks - you are not getting the engagement you were expecting - so take a step back and ask yourself?

  • What do we do? Who are we?

  • What makes our product and the opportunity different? Have we made a compelling argument?

  • How does it impact the investor? How does it fit in the investor's portfolio?

  • Is the presentation understandable?

  • Typically, investors will ask the same questions – have we addressed the key questions?

Marketing Presentation (10 to 20 pages):

  • Overview / Summary - Your firm, product offering, strategy, value proposition, impact to investors

  • Investment Strategy and Philosophy - Investment universe, returns generation

  • Management Team

  • Opportunity Set

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Investment Process - Process, portfolio management, and risk management

  • Terms & Service Providers

  • Case Studies

  • Track Record

  • Appendix - Firm overview / parent company; company timeline; full team bios)

  • Other - Table of contents; disclaimer

About PrimeAlpha:

PrimeAlpha is today’s leading technology platform for alternative investment opportunities based in New York City and was founded in 2015. We generate connections and help investors discover differentiated opportunities.

PrimeAlpha was developed by industry practitioners as a cutting-edge technology platform to help managers and investors discover and network. Like many great solutions, PrimeAlpha was born from the pain points faced by both managers and allocators in the investment life-cycle and marketing and IR process. Today, PrimeAlpha optimizes ROI-driven solutions emphasizing engagement and efficiency through a technology-enabled yet high-touch platform.

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