Navigating the Public Relations Landscape

Amid today's everchanging global marketplace, managers must adapt their marketing initiatives with public relations (PR) to meet the demands of investors looking for funds that stand out and make them take notice. Herein lies the challenge:

Are you communicating your firm's message effectively?

Is it reaching your key market?

Are you finding partners to help you convey your expertise & branding message?

We sat down with Charlotte Luer, the CEO of LJH Financial Marketing Strategies, to take a deeper look into the world of PR. We asked her some pointed questions about the importance of PR and how to tackle it. With over 25 years of experience, Charlotte has seen many fail to tackle the most important part of their business plan - increasing visibility.

"PR relates to all activities involved in communicating with your key audience - a strong PR program will position your firm's team as go-to experts and include a focus on activities such as media relations, thought leadership content, tailored events, and other activities that position you front and center in the minds of prospective investors."

So how does this all work?

  • Analyze your goals and objectives

  • Identify the marketing strategies and tactics required to differentiate your firm and drive results

  • Consider all of the options, there are many ways to boost awareness and differentiate your firm

Here are a few go-to options:

Media Coverage

Get yourself interviewed, featured, or quoted. This provides strong third-party


Thought Leadership Content

Distributing original content will promote you and can result in journalists contacting you for interviews. Educating investors can make you the expert in the industry.


Published podcasts promote your brand, your story. It will bring your unique message to the masses.