The Rise of Audio: Why Audio has become a “must have” for connecting with investors

Nowadays, podcasts are becoming an increasing need for businesses to connect and engage with new and existing clients in a personal way. And investors are changing (age, changing jobs, attention spans), so managers need to adapt their marketing strategies to compensate for this change, one of which being podcasts.

Why podcasts? Verbal and visual data is more easily observed and retained than reading data.

  • Reading data goes into short term memory

  • Verbal and visual data are more associated with long term memory

Podcasts give the ability to tell a story to your clients, feeding them with verbal data.

Managers can use podcasts for many different tasks:

  • Marketing 24/7

  • Thought leadership and education

  • Monthly/quarterly updates

  • Tell investors about your product/deals/co-investment opportunities

Today, investors are receiving 2x more emails historically than in the past. So keeping your messages short and sweet is important. This is easily done by being able to script your podcast. No video or podcast should be longer than 10 minutes.

Finally, podcasts are FREE! And you are able to host a podcast on as well as share it to your investor community through the platform.

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