Staying Intellectually Sharp with Peter Borish

Peter Borish started his career at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, he has been at the intersection of technology, financial markets, and innovation. He called the 1987 market crash and coupled with his appointment to the Brady Commission, fostered his commitment to public policy and non-profits. He was recruited by Paul Tudor Jones, where Peter helped build Tudor Investments into a leading global macro hedge fund. In addition to his hedge fund businesses, which he continues today at Computer Trading Corporation, Peter has been an angel investor in startup technology companies, including Majestic Research, Quadro Serve, One Chicago, and Charity Buzz. He mentors young entrepreneurs as an advisory board member of Value Stream Ventures. He is also a founding trustee of the Robin hood foundation, which helps raise families out of poverty in New York City. And Peter was recently appointed to the Market Risk Advisory Committee of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

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"My first advice, like anything in business, is that you need to live in the moment and do it because it's your job.

I'm always saying that if someone tells you to do what you're passionate about, they're already rich. In your twenties, you should be working really, really hard if you want to get to the point where you can do what you're passionate about. In my case, that has to do with helping in your city, neighborhood, philanthropy, etc. That's what I'm passionate about. But, I never thought about that at the earlier time of my career.

You're supposed to work really hard in your twenties. Maybe you get married and have kids in your thirties, and then in your forties, you can try to get back to a semblance of a normal life. Then when you become an empty-nester, you can go do what you're passionate about. If you just start doing what you're passionate about, that's kind of like every 10-year-old boy who thinks they're going to be playing in the NBA, that's not happening.

Peter Borish, Consultant

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