The leading technology platform for managers and investors to discover and network

Created by industry practitioners representing both investors and fund managers
Bringing together investors & investment opportunities

We help you scale your marketing and communication efforts via:

  • A high-quality, actionable investor database

  • 1:1 marketing and bespoke services

  • Investor relationship management

  • Data rooms and private deal rooms to easily organize and share information

  • Exclusive roundtable investor events


We help you discover alternative investment opportunities through:

  • Standardized qualitative & quantitative fund data

  • Organized fund materials and profiles for over 1,000+ high-quality managers

  • High caliber meet the manager events

  • Exclusive content - thought leadership, education reports, videos and podcasts

An investment platform designed for efficiency & engagement
Trusted, transparent and efficient

A Deep Understanding of Alternatives

Created by industry practitioners, our team has a deep understanding of the alternatives industry and the nuance of connecting managers and investors. We leverage this deep understanding to provide thoughtful, high-touch services.


Work Smarter and Better

Designed to help scale your company, our additive solutions make your marketing and due diligence processes more cost and time-efficient.


Bespoke Service

We care deeply about our clients.  


We provide bespoke services personalizing specific programs to match your budget and objectives. 


Quality User Base

Our expansive and actionable database of users contains a large number of quality allocators and managers.

PrimeAlpha Ecosystem

Allocators / Investors (LP)

Institutional to Ultra High Net Worth Investors



Large Institutions

E&F, Pensions, SWF


254 Family Offices

Alternative Managers (GP)

Hedge Fund, Private Equity & Credit, Real Estate, & Direct Deals 



25% Non-US Based


Over $1bn


As of July.2020

Standardized qualitative & quantitative information in a single destination 

Fund Search & Profiles


About PrimeAlpha Video

Expanding the reach of alternatives through thought leadership
Alternatives INSIGHTS reports
from leading alternative asset managers
Marketing & Due Diligence Blog
Stressed Man

Planning Your Marketing Pipeline

For every day you are not building your pipeline you are decreasing your chances of getting an allocation as its a numbers game.


How to Conduct Reference Checks

Guidelines for investors and fund managers. Don't forget the simple but important things that need to be done in the investment process.

Pastor Giving a Sermon

Preparing Your Pitch

Being prepared and practicing will pay off tremendously.  Keep things simple. Can you explain your firm and fund in the follow ways.


How to Get the Most out of Conferences

Conferences are a great way to network and build relationships but they tend to be very expensive and time consuming.

What people are saying about PrimeAlpha

“When I first learned about PrimeAlpha I was initially skeptical on whether or not the cap intro service was uniquely differentiated from others I’ve came across in the past. It’s been almost three months since I started using the platform and I can say without question that it was worth every penny. What makes PrimeAlpha different is that each fund and investor on the platform has been carefully curated by the PrimeAlpha team. Unlike other companies, PrimeAlpha does not randomly assemble large lists of unknown and unqualified investors or managers. I know that when I am introduced to an investor it is because they have a genuine interest in learning more about my firm because PrimeAlpha has done the front-end leg work for me. So far, I have been very pleased with my decision to join the platform.” 

June 20, 2019

Fund of Fund

“We are really excited to be on the Prime Alpha platform. We reached out to a few allocators after signing up and got responses  from them all within the same day. It seems to have an active and credible user base and we look forward to taking advantage of the full potential of the platform."


Hedge Fund

Based in New York